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"Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart"

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“if we could decide who we loved it would be a lot simpler, but much less magical”

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“Failure is your best friend. It never kills you. It always teaches you. And the feeling it brings is as real as it gets. You fail? Cool. Work it out on paper and re-calibrate. You tried it once and it didn’t go? Cool. Youtube that activity and find your shortcoming. Drink that bitterness. You won’t die.”

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Rare color scenes from the Liberation of Paris, August 25, 1944, including an intact Eiffel Tower flying the French Tricolour, General Charles De Gaulle marching down the Champs Elysees, and Allied troops marching in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

Excerpted from: D-Day to Germany, 1944

From the series: Motion Picture Films Relating to the Invasion of Normandy (D-Day) and Commemorative Visits After the War, compiled 1944 - 1969Collection LIEB: Jack Lieb Collection, 1944 - 1969

Taken by newsreel cameraman Jack Lieb, this color home movie was donated by the Lieb family to the National Archives in 1984. You’ll see World War II from a perspective different than the official military film or commercial newsreel. With his personal footage, Lieb takes the viewer through the preparations in England, where he spent time with war correspondents Ernie PyleJack Thompson, and Larry LaSueur, to the liberation of Paris and finally into Germany. Along the way, Lieb captured his experience on 16mm Kodachrome, filming everyday people in France and the occasional celebrity, such as Edward G. Robinson or Ernest Hemingway

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Sirius Black: You know the man you truly are, Remus! This heart is where you truly live! This heart! Here! This flesh is only flesh!

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